Baku, Sumix – Takes Me Out

Mysterious is an appropriate way to describe the Amsterdam-based duo Baku. Remaining completely anonymous, they are described as “Spoken and heard through the dreams of those drifting asleep” and their music reflects that. Full of dreamy melodies, the duo’s music promises to take the listener on a dream-like adventure. Gaining well over 20,000 listens on Soundcloud on their track “Hunger”, it’s clear that Baku have rounded up a large number of people who are entranced by their sounds.

Teaming up with duo Sumix to provide angelic and harmonious vocals,“Takes Me Out” is a beautiful product of the masterminds behind the track. Staying true to the dreamy vibe that Baku have perfected, delicate sounds dance around Sumix’s voices before the drop fills the track with a powerful essence of chilled, yet hard-hitting, emotion to add even more dimension to the track. The lyrics do an expert job of telling a story, taking the listener to another world.

As well as providing fans with yet another stunning track, Baku made “Takes Me Out” for a specific reason. Released as an Eonity Records exclusive, the track was made to be part of an exciting remix contest where budding producers can let their creative juices flow and potentially win with a remix of “Takes Me out”. More information about the contest and stems can be found here, and the track can be found below.

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