Betty Moon - Hellucination Artwork

Betty Moon releases 9th studio album ‘Hellucination’

Toronto-born singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and rock’n’roll artist Betty Moon just released her 9th studio album on May 17th, 2019 titled ‘Hellucination’. Besides being known for her sultry voice and combining various genres previously, she also played in a variety of tv shows and movies like ‘Californication’ and ‘Dexter’ and has shared stages with Marylin Manson, Steve Aoki, and The Offspring.

With ‘Hellucination’, Betty Moon brings together sounds influenced by rock, soul, electronic and electro-pop in her own unique, signature sound.

“I’m thrilled to soon release what is easily my favorite compilation of work to-date” says Moon. “Save My Soul is just a taste of the perfect balance of new and old school Betty Moon sounds and has just enough rock’n’roll to help keep guitar rock alive”

The album includes her latest single ‘Save my Soul‘ amongst other experimental tracks like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Hands Full of Nothing’, combining the best of multiple genres altogether. With the release of the album, Betty Moon is confident that the comeback of rock music is here and wants to remind fans that she always has been part of the scene.

The album is now available to stream on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Born in Germany, spent 6 years in Ireland and now living in Amsterdam. My love for electronic music started in 2012 and now I'm traveling around the world for electronic music - you'll mostly find me either in dark warehouses raving to the best Techno beats or enjoying Trance with massive light shows.

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