Don Diablo

Don Diablo – The Rhythm

After finishing arguably the biggest year of his career to date, future house king Don Diablo has set out to make 2019 an even bigger year for himself than 2018 – and he’s already succeeding. Breaking the news of his next full length album and accompanying album tour – which fans can expect in fall of this year, with the tour starting in October – not long ago, fans were over the moon when they were promised another album so soon after the mind-blowing ‘Future’ release. But that wasn’t all. Earlier this week, Don Pepijn Schipper sent everyone into a frenzy with the announcement of yet another new single proving that he is the gift to the music industry that keeps on giving.

‘The Rhythm’ marks an extremely important milestone for the Don Diablo owned label HEXAGON as the imprint hits an impressive 100 releases over four years with this release seeing daylight. Molding his irresistible future house sound into a powerful club banger worthy of whipping crowds into a frenzy, ‘The Rhythm’ shows off Don’s versatility as an artist perfectly. With a catchy vocal hook that boosts the energy of the track even further, the punching beats accompanying the signature Don Diablo synths shine through brightly before the drop assaults the senses with pure, dark, sounds that demand to be danced to with every part of the body. One thing is clear from this track: Don Diablo creates magic every single time, without failure.

Stream the powerful track below or purchase it on iTunes here.

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