Eric Prydz classic ‘Layers’ turns 6 years old

If you think that being a full-time music producer, while providing top quality, spectacular live shows as a DJ is enough duty for one, Eric Prydz proves, that there is no limit when your creativity is boundless!

While under his full name, he pleases his commercial music fans, creating his alter-egos, ‘Pryda’ and ‘Cirez D’ makes it possible for him to express his talent from different aspects. Under ‘Pryda’, he focuses on a more dance and progressive style of music, while being ‘Cirez D’, adds a darker, tech-influenced twist to his professional identity.

Whichever aliases you prefer, we all have to agree that his track “Layers”, that is celebrating its 6th year anniversary already, takes us on a special journey. With its uplifting melody and dreamy beats, you can also join the ride on the carefree & positive train, just make sure you turn up the volume! And if you would like a taste of the phenomenal visuals and the whole experience that Eric Prydz performs, check out him, taking over Creamfields Steel Yard last month at his HOLO show.

PS.: In case you happen to be the lucky one that attends Tomorrowland in July, brace yourself and make sure you don’t miss out on his new visuals debut, called ‘6.0 Holosphere’.


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