Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz Tests New 6.0 Holosphere Visuals

Which DJ has the best visuals? This has always been a hot topic amongst the EDM community. Is it Deadmau5? Bassnectar? Well whoever you think it is, you may have to reconsider. Eric Prydz is renowned for his fantastic visuals at his shows, incorporation mind-blowing holograms and lasers into many of his live performances, including his famous HOLO shows.

Eric Prydz recently tweeted a sneak peek video of his new visuals for his upcoming shows. He’s calling it the 6.0 Holosphere. The video shows a high-resolution sphere with LED lights which gives quite the light show. The 6.0 Holosphere has the same concept as Deadmau5’s cube 3.0 but it is so much more than that. It almost looks like something out of a Syfy movie— think future technology/robots/aliens meets Tron.

The 6.0 Holosphere is said to be debuted at Tomorrowland weekend 1, July 19-21.