Fake Tattoos

Fake Tattoos – Pardesi

Samprukt Mohanty aka Fake Tattoos, is making waves in the Indian music scene with his latest release; ‘Pardesi’. Known for playing lively, vivacious live shows, Mohanty’s sound combines traditional Indian music with EDM and contemporary elements.

Kicking things off with a light guitar, the light atmosphere is quickly continued through a contemporary-inspired drum pattern’s entrance into the mix, combined with wobbly synths and silky-smooth pads in the background. Fake Tattoos soon establishes his Indian influence on the track, as velvety female Indian vocals add to the break’s tranquil nature before a sitar replaces the synths in the second drop. Booming 808s are also added in the first half of the break, before a more progressive bassline takes over the second half, adding plenty of diversity to what is already an eclectic track.

Quickly amassing an impressive résumé, the Indian producer boasts a number of accomplishments – including everything from charting on Beatport to having original music premiered on the prestigious BBC Radio. He’s also previously garnered support from Grammy-winning artists Tiësto and Cedric Gervais, as well as other prominent industry names, including the likes of Albert Neve, Shiba San, Juicy M, Ephwurd, Joe Stone and many more.

Be sure to listen to ‘Pardesi’ below and grab a copy here!

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