GAIA take you to the “Moons of Jupiter” with their first-ever album

Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij are a golden tandem, and with their GAIA album “Moons of Jupiter”  the duo is taking you into a journey straight to oughter space.

Under their masked alter ego GAIA, they have given the trance scene legendary tracks since their creation in 2009. Orchestral melodic tracks like ‘Tuvan’ or ‘Empire of Hearts’ have become anthems in the lifes of every trance fan. Their live performances are rare and exceptional, hiding under long mysterious masks and barely moving they focus on taking the dancer in a more experimental music experience.


With ‘Moons of Jupiter’, GAIA take the word experimental further than ever, “completely destroying the concept of making an album”. Starting with the creation of a concept tour and all the loops for its live show, they first listened to the result during their show at Paradiso (Amsterdam). The duo gathered after, and reconstructed that into the form of an album, proving to fans that music doesn’t have any boundaries. They are bringing something extraordinary, made for music-fanatics who have learned to listen between the lines, which shines through in their unique live shows as they take listeners on a journey out of this world!

Armin van Buuren: “Throughout the years, we created a variety of synths, beats and loops that were more underground and not always useable for my sound and genre. We always had so much fun exploring different genres and charting different loops and sounds that we felt it was time to combine this under the name GAIA.”


Benno de Goeij: “We’ve really stepped out of our comfort zone, exploring both minimalistic as well as complex sounds, creating track arrangements live on stage rather than in the studio. We even created our own hardware, giving us all the freedom to take people on the journey to the Moons Of Jupiter.”

The album has been created to be listened to it as a whole, so get ready for a space journey. We dearly recommend you to take some time off, pour yourself a nice drink, have a sit and let GAIA take you to 21 of the 67 moons of Jupiter. Make sure you check it here!



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