Hot Since 82 releases Even Deeper Brazil documentary short

In 2017, British DJ Hot Since 82 introduced his ‘Even Deeper’ concept to the public, a concept in which he explores countries and cultures, known and unknown places, while touring there. On the first three episodes that were shot in Mexico and Japan, he already has over 2 million views and the documentary series proved to be a big success around the world. Recently he launched the third installment: Even Deeper Brazil.

The episode was filmed over late February, early March, during the Carnival period. He played a few shows there at the time, including Warung beach club, Laroc club, and a pop-up party at the amazing 9 de Julho Lookout in São Paulo. Adrenorama production crew nicely captured his experience of the Carnival blocos, which is famous for energetic music, dance and powerful drums, a boat tour deep in the Amazon jungle and successfully brought to life the soul of Brazil, with its culture, typical food, nature and their local party scene. Hot Since 82 explains how he feels about the concept:

I am lucky to be in a privileged position where my work enables me to travel the world. However, after years of doing so I realised I was often visiting some of the planet’s most interesting and exotic locations but not having the chance to stop for a moment to explore and experience the culture beyond the airport, hotel and club. The Even Deeper concept allows me to do just that, spending more time touring a country and see its true beauty. It’s just incredible.”

You can check out the Even Deeper Brazil documentary below and check out the previous episodes from Japan and Mexico here.


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