As an up-and-coming Russian producer, HYPRESSION is already impressing the masses, and has caught the eyes of some fellow artists within the dance music scene. Only releasing his first single back in 2017, the track ‘Not About You’ was a collaboration with Ameria and was released on massive label Trap City. 2018 was when things truly took off for this 20 year old producer who caught the eyes of none other than Jauz, who enlisted him for a collaboration on the debut ‘The Wise and the Wicked’ album and now the promising young artist has finally released his first EP.

Releasing on Jauz’s Bite This! label, which is fitting with their existing professional relationship, the ‘Cold Blood’ EP is exactly what Bite This! had in mind when starting up. Consisting of three tracks, ‘Cold Blood’ perfectly shows off how unique and fresh HYPRESSION is as an artist. The opener track (which shares the same name as the EP title) features a collaboration with Networth, who’s style blends into the track beautifully and creates an irresistible energetic bass house sound. Moving onto ‘Kitchen House’, the track is introduced with the Russian language, paying homage to the talented artist’s roots. With dark undertones blended in with punching beats, ‘Kitchen House’ commands the dancefloor. Moving onto the final track of the incredible EP, ‘I Just Wanna’ is the perfect closer. It’s hard not to dance to this track, with mind-blowing sounds that are way too catchy to stay still for.

Bite This! has struck gold with ‘Cold Blood’, which is available to stream below.

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