Fabric Presents: Kölsch (DJ Mix)

Touring is an integral part of the life of a modern-day DJ. DJs tour from one place to another all across the globe for their shows. For some, the long flights provide much needed personal space and help unlock their creative instinct. This week, Kölsch a melody mastermind, blessed his fans with a fabric presents series, a ten-track compilation of new music.

The ambitious one and a half year project was created on long flights in-between shows and draws major influence from the early memories of the club space. The tracks are named after the flight numbers on which the respective track was created. The melodic techno album is full of beautiful melodies & arpeggios, some phenomenal string work, and groovy drums. The mix starts off with ‘US1873‘ which begins with minimal percussion and his trademark vocal fx followed by some beautiful strings. Next up is ‘LH479‘ which on the contrary has a more dramatic vibe with the tension building up between the arpeggios and the strings throughout the track. Arguably one of the best tracks on the album is ‘UA444‘. The dark piano chords & huge synths bleeding throughout make this track stand out from the rest. Besides these beautiful pieces are 7 more tracks all of which convey unique stories, some tracks have classic old school vibe or some are inspired from his early drum’n’bass days.

The mix falls nothing short of creating an emotional vibe as Kölsch often does with his music. Throughout the whole album is a beautiful combination of melodic and techno elements. The Danish producer has been in the electronic music scene for about two decades now and delivered the industry some jaw-dropping masterpieces and has done it once again with this new album.

Check out more from Kolsch here, and listen to ‘Fabric Presents: Kölsch’ below.

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