Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) (Karasso Festival Mix)

There’re very few people on this planet that haven’t listened to the young American talent, Lil Nas X. The 20-year old superstar presented this year along with the legendary country singer Billy Ray Cyrus his record-breaking country rap track ‘Old Town Road‘ that among other achievements topped the radio charts in many countries including US, UK, Canada and Australia. So it’s highly probable that the majority of people in one way or another, maybe without even noticing it, might have listened to this song in the radio, commercial, or any public space.

This song’s popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed in the EDM scene. The number of edits, remixes, mixes and bootlegs for this song haven’t been few. Some of these productions are of great quality and deserve great support. One that particularly stands out from the rest and really worths a listen, is the Festival Mix by the Israeli producer and DJ Karasso. The 28-year old artist, who already produced in a similar way original tracks like ‘Scared To Lose You‘ or ‘Indestructible‘ has nailed the production this time.

In the song, Karasso perfectly blends country rap and EDM, taking the best out of every genre and style. It showcases the popular, classic, catchy and laidback ‘Old Town Road’ lyrics that everyone knows with a traditional electro house song structure. Supported by a powerful and solid bassline, hard kicks and epic side-chained leads, the track provides that level of euphoria that we all enjoy. This track seems to be especially good for this time of the year, as we warm up for this summer season.

In general terms, this is a great piece of work by Karasso. The combination of popular lyrics and an amazing energetic drop is truly mainstage material, so it wouldn’t be strange to hear it in big renowned festivals during the summer. Keep updated and don’t lose sight of this uprising artist.

Listen to Lil Nas X (ft. Billy Rae Cyrus) – Old Town Road (Karasso Festival Mix) below:

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