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Madeon hints towards upcoming album following recent single release

If you don’t know a Madeon track then you must have been under a rock for a few years. Arguably one of the fastest rising young talents when he burst onto the scene in 2011 with his now-famous ‘Pop Culture live mashup, Hugo Leclercq‘s long awaited return came last week, where the Frenchman dropped a new track by the name ‘All My Friends‘. Part of a mysterious project named ‘Good Faith’, the track was came as a single, however a recent interview hinted that ‘Good Faith’ may be the title of an upcoming album from Madeon, much to the excitement of his avid fans.

With ‘All My Friends‘ dropping, the standard follow up interviews were bound to roll around for Madeon. Sitting down with SiriusXM BPM, the French 25 year-old – whose birthday was on 30/05, the release date for his single – revealed new information about upcoming work, and hinted towards an album coming soon. When discussing what Madeon calls the ‘Good Faith’ era, he breaks down what exactly goes into the project, saying:

I’ve been working in the studio for a couple of years now and uh, I call this era that I’ve been working on which is, you know, a collection of music, and the art direction, and the visuals and all that stuff, and the live show obviously, all those elements—they fall under the umbrella of “Good Faith”

“A collection of music” is what stands out from that quote, as Madeon is revealing that ‘Good Faith’ is not just an era, but seemingly the title of his next album, which will contain this collection of music, including ‘All My Friends‘. You can read to full transcript from the interview yourself here, or listen below to find out more about the Frenchman’s future.

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