Martin Garrix’s hit ‘Animals’ turns 6 years old

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a world where Martin Garrix isn’t one of the biggest and most well known DJs in the entire world, but before 2013 this was the case. Becoming inspired to make music at the young age of eight after seeing Tiësto play at the 2004 Summer Olympics, it would take a while before anyone took notice of what Garrix had to offer but six years ago all that was due to change completely with a track named ‘Animals’.

Arguably one of the biggest and most influential tracks in dance music history to this day, ‘Animals’ completely turned the scene on its head. At the time of release, Martin Garrix was only seventeen years old which meant he held the title of youngest DJ ever to hold the spot of Beatport’s number one track for four consecutive weeks. Scooter Braun and Michael George – two people who signed and managed Garrix – had originally toyed around with the idea of laying vocals on top of the unforgettable beat, but later decided not to much to the apprehension of radio programmers who didn’t believe it could work with so much pure instrumental.

Still the biggest track of his career to this day, ‘Animals’ opened many doors for then up-and-coming producer which shaped him into the superstar he is today!

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