Miami beach commissioners rule out Ultra’s hopes

Since their relocation, Ultra Music Festival recently has been engaging in negotiations with the Miami Beach commissioners. The festival had already parted ways from this year’s venue Virginia Key and now Miami Beach has closed the doors for the UMF team as well. Losing out to a vote count of 4-3, the chances of UMF being organized in the Miami Beach have vanished completely. Despite some commissioners expressing their concern for the spring season’s effect on clubs, hotels, and restaurants, the other four ruled out the allegations and the discussion ended with majority vote going against the festival.

The only venue which could possibly be sustainable for the foreseeable future, is the Homestead-Miami Speedway, 30 miles from Miami. With the approval for late opening hours for events (up to 2 am), at this point in time, the Speedway seems to be the most likely place to host Ultra in 2020. With Ultra still in search for its new home, it is likely the festival will attempt to keep their options open, and search for additional venues willing to open their doors.

However, the team at Ultra has already announced the dates for the 2020 edition.

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