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Nicky Romero & DallasK – Sometimes (feat. XYLØ) [Official Music Video]

Nicky Romero & DallasK team with up with American singer-songwriter, XYLØ, for their new summer heartfelt jam called ‘Sometimes.’ The track really tackles a subject mostly anybody can relate to. Sometimes you just can’t seem to get over that past love that you once felt. Sometimes, even after a long time away from each other, that feeling never really leaves and both are found wishing they still could be with the other. ‘Sometimes’ has that upbeat summertime feel with XYLØ’s vocals flowing through the melody of the track which is sure to make this song stick to your memory.

In this exclusive new video, you the see the story and of a man and woman, both in new relationships who clearly can’t let go of each other’s memory and their previous relationship. Both find each other reminiscing about each other and yearning to be with each other. They both go about their daily lives with their new partner, but the memory of their former partner still finds its way to the surface and takes over the majority of their thoughts.

“Sometimes” can be streamed on all musical platforms and the music video for the track can be viewed below as well. Take a ride through your own emotional past as you enjoy the video.