R3HAB & Mike Williams – Lullaby (Acoustic)

As you’d probably expect, when R3HAB and Mike Williams teamed up in 2018 to create a track together, the result was a bold and brash mainstage-ready future house anthem that tore the roof off most places it was played at. Yet despite the huge success of ‘Lullaby’, taken from R3HAB’s second studio album ‘The Wave’, there was always a rather special track hiding underneath the big synths and pounding rhythms, and now we get to hear the true beauty of it in full as the ‘acoustic’ version is unveiled.

Perhaps the most special part of the track, one that took centre-stage in the original but was kind of crowded out by the electronic elements, is the vocal effort of Julie Bergan. The solid yet softly-understated style she delivers in the track has something of the softer end of Ariana Grande to it, but doesn’t ever cross the boundary into pelting-out-a-hit warbling. It’s also more evidence, if it were needed, that your big name “EDM” producers aren’t just guys who sit in a studio, hit a few buttons, then print out a template-driven electronic track before catching the latest private jet. Of course, discerning fans knew this already, but it sometimes feels like acoustic versions of tracks like ‘Lullaby’ need to be released in order to show the world that the likes of R3HAB and Williams can write incredible songs even when they’re not playing with saw-waves or compressing a snare sound.

With over 100 million streams to date on Spotify, the original is R3HAB’s most streamed song to date, but if this is anything to go by it could well beat it, and you can help matters along by streaming it in full below.