Rezz delivers impressive new release ‘Falling’ with Underoath

Having first unleashed it to a tireless EDC Las Vegas crowd, Rezz has finally released her brand new single “Falling” in collaboration with Underoath. Delving into her underlying passion for rock and heavy metal, she has challenged herself once again, innovating her music with the talents of Aaron Gillespie, the original drummer and vocalist for Underoath. However, it is not the first electronic project Underoath have worked on, as they had also explored the depths of dubstep with American producer Kayzo to create “WASTED SPACE” back in 2018.

The pair couldn’t hide their excitement about the track in the way it entwines two different music genres. The result is dazzling. “Falling” combines Gillespie’s mesmerizing vocals with the signature, gritty bass-lines and immaculate top-lines that we have come to love Rezz for. The track also comes with its own gripping music video featuring the two artists in the signature Rezz goggles. It immerses them in a unique story-line that Rezz has detailed is designed for VR consumption as she looks to provide her fans with a unique listening experience. In even better news for Rezz fans, “Falling” is one of the tracks to feature on a new EP set to release June 14th. The “Beyond Senses” EP will also see the 24-year-old kickstart a tour that will see her travel worldwide with this new music.

Make sure to check out the track and its video below! You can find out more about the tour here!

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