Secret Island Festival

Croatia based Secret Island Festival impresses with a stellar second edition

If one is reading the right dance music weeklies, we cannot fault them for thinking that the next big European destination for dance music entertainment and festivities is none other than Croatia. With the 2018 Ultra Europe edition, Black Sheep Festival and Exit’s Sea Star Festival, it seems true that this nation, situated at the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe, is exactly where all the summer fun is to be had. And with the adventures of the budding Secret Island Festival, the promise that it offers packs quite the punch. Just in its second year, the Secret Island Festival has already caught quite some attention due to the mystery of its final location.

The festival is held at a location that appears to be the Obonjan Island which is just off the Croatian coast. This, in effect, makes it one of the handful festivals which can claim to have an entire island for themselves. Held from 30th May – 2nd June, the Secret Island Festival showcased a flurry of performers including the likes of NeelixGigo’n’Migo, Groove Coverage, Marika Rossa, Felix Kröcher, DJ RearedMoney BoyTyoChris ArmadaCoverrun among a myriad others. With such a successful edition now behind them, the folks behind the Secret Island Festival setup ought to look forward to capturing this upturn in European dance music industry and make their venture the one where all the crowds head to for their 2020 summer.

You can find out more about the festival from their official Facebook page here.

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