Skrillex & TroyBoi – Warlordz

Fresh off of his surprise performance at newly created Second Sky Festival, Skrillex has teamed up with TroyBoi to release a heavy bass and trap focused track titled ‘Warlordz‘. This song marks TroyBoi’s first original release of 2019 and first ever collaboration done with Skrillex.

Each artist’s style seems to complement each other well in this track, as Skrillex’s heavy wobbles and synths flows seamlessly into TroyBoi’s intense trap style. Production wise, the track is filled with hard synths and kicks with tribal chants and jungle sounds leading into the drop, whilst the end of the track includes a minute-long outro which calms listeners down with a smooth future-bass style. Both producers took to Twitter to exclaim their excitement about finally collaborating with each other, as TroyBoi even stated that working with Skrillex was one of this biggest honors of his career. ‘Warlordz’ was first teased to fans at Paradiso Festival in early June as both artists dropped the track while sharing the stage during Skrillex’s headlining set. ‘Warlordz’ continues the impressive streak of releases from Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, which recently delivered a new EP from Dog Blood, a collaborative project between Skrillex and Boyz Noize.

The artwork for track, created by Spanish painter Sanjulián and adapted by Marilyn Hue and Jade Phoenix Hobay, portrays Skrillex and TroyBoi as warriors fighting off a pack of gorillas, which perfectly fits the intense and dark sound that the track delivers. This track can be heard live in August, when Skrillex is set to headline Veld Music Festival in Canada. As for TroyBoi’s upcoming performances, his next show is slated for mid-August at Das Energi Festival in Utah. Fans are hopeful that more collaborations between these two artists can arise, as ‘Warlordz‘ received extremely positive feedback from individuals who are passionate in the electronic dance community.

You can listen to ‘Warlordz’ by Skrillex and TroyBoi below now! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!