straight up lonely

DJ Phonon – Straight Up Lonely

With rising temperatures and longer days, we can feel that the summer is coming, and DJ Phonon has released a track perfect to fit the vibe called ‘Straight up Lonely‘. Combining a very catchy vocal from George Gleeson, with groovy house drums along with interesting sound design, ‘Straight Up Lonely’, gives you a beach feeling that transports you to your favorite waterside festival destination! The song has been released today on Axiom records, where the artist keeps himself definitely busy, for this is the 24th track that DJ Phonon has released on the label since his first track in 2017.

If you like the vocals of ‘Straight up Lonely’, take some time to listen to his track ‘Rain in the Summer‘. The track will easily put a smile in your face and creates a relaxed atmosphere with its inspiring lyrics, that bring in the summer in you wherever you are. You can listen to  ‘Straight up Lonely’ here, and add it to your pool & beach summer playlist. Make sure you follow DJ Phonon on Facebook and Instagram too!

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