Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia cancel Ultra Korea performance at the last moment

It has been a tumultuous week for the Ultra setup in Korea with the recent cancellation announcement from the Swedish House Mafia trio, the brunt of which has been directly borne by the thousands of Dance music fans in the region. Prior to this, they were faced with the understandable cancellation of shows by Martin Garrix which had to be done due to the injury suffered by the Dance music star. While Garrix showed ample commitment to continue performing for the fans during his show in Las Vegas on May 25th after having suffered ankle damage during the performance, it was found that he would have to undergo surgery and subsequently cancel his shows – which included a performance at Ultra Korea event on the opening day.

And while the Ultra Korea setup worked towards managing the Garrix crisis and working towards making the festival a better experience, a new one cropped up soon enough as the legendary trio of Swedish House Mafia took to their social media to announce, through a region-restricted post, the cancellation of their performance at the Ultra Korea event due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

The trio were bound to play at the last day of the festival, which would now be closed by another act. While it surely imposes a bad experience on the fans, Ultra Korea have committed to do their bit after announcing full and partial refund for day-wise and complete event ticket holders through a recent post on their official Facebook page.

You can follow the Ultra Korea events through our coverage here.

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