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The Chainsmokers announce they will not DJ on upcoming tour

Taking 2019 by storm with a string of successful releases, DJ duo The Chainsmokers have been very busy recently. Releasing their documentary titled Memories, unleashing multiple new tracks and teasing their third studio album titled ‘World War Joy’, it’s clear that Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are making 2019 their year. Finding a perfect balance of EDM and Pop, the pair have even incorporated that into their live performances, using live singing from Drew Taggart and drumming from Matt McGuire – who can be seen in the ‘Sick Boy’ music video – and you would be forgiven for mistaking The Chainsmokers as a band, but it seems like they don’t mind that at all.

After unveiling their collaboration with pop/rock band 5 Seconds of Summer‘Who Do You Love’,  The Chainsmokers announced a massive 41-date tour across North America with 5SOS as one of the support acts back in February, and now the pair have teased more details about what to expect from them on the September tour.

In an interview with The Zach Sang Show, they covered a lot of bases but the most shocking and interesting news came when they dropped the bombshell that they won’t be DJing at all on this upcoming tour. Greeted by mixed reactions from the EDM community, the pair reassured that they will still deliver a dance set, just in a different way.

“We figured out a way to give people those dance moments but we don’t need to do it off of CDJs” – Alex Pall

The whole interview can be found below.

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