Lane 8, Joris Voorn, Nora En Pure & Yotto

We Chill You: Best Chill Out Tunes of The Week

Sunday is everyone’s favourite day to relax and chill out before the new week begins. That’s why we update our We Chill You playlist on Spotify weekly every Sunday with only the best and newest chill out electronic music from your favourite artists and upcoming talents. This week we feature new music from the likes of Nora En Pure, Revelries, Lane 8 and Yotto among many others.

Returning to the chart as one of the top tracks this week is Nora En Pure’s incredible new release ‘Birthright’, which features some amazing orchestral strings and piano in the intro before introducing smooth, clean and relaxing sounds around the main piano melody. ‘Birthright’ perfectly combines the best of electronic and organic elements to create the perfect relaxing tune.

A new exciting addition to the playlist this week is Revelries’ latest release ‘Blue’, featuring Rob Tirea and Kayrae. The now Netherlands based duo have been on a massive rise thanks to the successful releases of tracks like ‘Force Of Nature’ and ‘Feel It Still‘, which have gained great support on Spotify and other platforms. ‘Blue’ is an incredibly well-crafted tune, driven by an infectious vocal and accompanied by fresh and unique sounds which make it the perfect summer chill out tune.

Be sure to listen to all of these great songs and many more on our We Chill You playlist on Spotify below. Also, be sure to follow us to receive weekly updates every Sunday with all the finest deep house and chill out music.



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