Zedd responds to Matthew Koma’s allegations

Just as we thought the Zedd and Matthew Koma drama was over, Zedd has formally responded to Koma‘s series of tweets against him. It all started when Matthew tweeted about not being paid for writing on Spectrum and having to chase the producer for a fee. Koma detailed that Zedd was toxic, self serving and offensive towards Koma in the time they worked together.

Zedd wrote back a couple of days later on Twitter with what seemed a polite statement, stating that he did not feel the same as Koma and that he felt he’d supported him in every single area he could.

A couple of days after this tweet, Zedd followed up again with what was a more in depth post, stating that he had given Koma credits for every track and how hits such as ‘Clarity‘, ‘Spectrum‘ and ‘Find You‘ were made. Koma also posted his version to Instagram, where photographer Rukes stated that Koma’s allegations were true.

Rukes stating that he will make a statement one day, however telling fans that now is not the time as he has other priorities to focus on.

zedd rukes koma

With Zedd signing off his post saying that he hopes Koma and him can sit down and talk as friends one day and that he wishes Matt all the best in his career. Fans have now seen the story from each side, so what will happen next? Stay tuned for anymore updates on the matter.