Alok reflects on life following plane crash [Video]

Brazilian producer and DJ, Alok, recently shared a video to Instagram in which he reflected on the importance of his life after being involved in an almost fatal plane crash. The crash occurred in May of this year and was caused due to technical difficulties during take off. In his Instagram video, Brazilian stardives into the idea surrounding why his life means so much to him.

“When I was in this plane crash, I had the chance to reflect a lot, because it was nearly fatal,” the DJ stated. It was a miracle that I had my second chance and made me question and surround my life on values that actually matter in life.”

Alok is one of the most well-renowned producers in the world and fans are extremely grateful that he was not injured too harshly due to this crash. After a short break from touring, he has been reserved for many upcoming summer shows throughout the countries of Europe and North America. Hopefully, Alok can inspire fans of electronic music to take time to think about the important values in life rather than being tied down with unnecessary worries.

Check the inspirational video below and let us know what you think.