Best of: Cassius

Last Wednesday, it was reported that Philippe Zdar, member of the Cassius duo died in Paris, France. Since the formation of the duo back in 1996, Phillipe and Hubert Blanc-Francard revolutionised the electronic dance music scene with their innovative style and impeccable production style. Over the years they have worked with the likes of Phoenix, Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand and countless others producing music for them. The passing of Phillipe Zdar prompted many famous DJs to reach out and tribute the late legend. Calvin Harris, DJ SNAKE and David Guetta all took to their social media to pay their respects to such a well-liked legend of the scene.

To tribute Cassius’ legacy, our weekly ‘Best Of’ playlist on Spotify is dedicated to the greatest hits from the French duo. Including releases ranging from the late 90s to the more their more recent tunes.

In his tweet for Phillipe Zdar, Calvin Harris mentions an all-time classic ‘Cassius 1999’ track as one of his inspirations as a 15-year-old. Despite the song now being 20 years old, it still holds up as a fresh and well-produced record, showing how the French duo was way ahead of their time in their productions.

Over the years, Cassius evolved their style whilst still retaining their signature sound, their recent release ‘Don’t Let Me Be’ is part of their latest album Dreems and combines classic house sounds and percussion with modern vocals and synth lines, making it a truly unique record with a distinct summer vibe to it.

Be sure to listen to these great songs as well as all the other timeless pieces of music Cassius worked on over the years in our ‘Best Of’ playlist below.


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