Best of: David Guetta

Our dedicated ‘Best of’ playlist on Spotify will do a weekly dive into your favourite artists’ discography to curate a selection of their greatest hits and new tunes. Allowing you to enjoy the best of their catalogue in one place. This week, we focus on electronic dance music pioneer David Guetta.

David Guetta has been one of the most influential and important people who have shaped the electronic dance music scene into what it is today. For years, he has been consistently delivering incredible music whilst ensuring his sound is always moving forwards. He has recently become the most successful artist in UK Dance Chart history following his latest release ‘Stay (Don’t Go Away). One of his greatest hits, ‘Titanium’ in collaboration with Sia has also recently re-entered the charts, showing the French DJ and producer’s music is truly timeless.

Some of his greatest hits are driven by insanely catchy melodies combined with infectious vocals, these include the likes of ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Lovers Of The Sun’ with Sam Smith, ‘BAD’ with Vassy and Showtek and countless others. He was also one of the first to bring vocals into electronic music just over 10 years ago when he released some of his most iconic hits such as: ‘Sweat’ with Snoop Dogg, ‘Gettin’ Over You’ with LMFAO and Fergie and ‘Love Is Gone’ among others.

David Guetta came from the underground scene, and some of his older releases from his 2004 album ‘Just A Little More Love’ really show that. His collaboration with Joachim Garraud ‘ACDC’ combines the best elements from the rock and underground dance music. Many might not remember he also released an incredible remix of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes‘ on that album’. Recently, David Guetta has made a return to his underground roots with his new Jack Back project, which is growing tremendously in success.

Be sure to listen to all of these amazing tunes and many more via our Spotify playlist below.


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