BLVD. – Full Send

Having first released his debut single Crowd Control in May this year BLVD. is back yet once again with his latest hard-hitting trap song Full Send. The safety-yellow clad artist BLVD. has grabbed many eyeballs all across the industry with his unique sounds. Full Send is just as heavy and gritty as it’s predecessor; ‘Crowd Control’. The track also delivers a hard-hitting dose of ominous basslines, jarringly mechanical synths and bone-shaking percussion. The track centres around creating an atmosphere around the concrete jungle locales, where the artist takes his namesake from – grittiness and grandiosity which are the major contrasting elements that BLVD. lives by. His unique approach to bass music has made him clearly stand out as one of the best upcoming artists in recent times.

Taking his inspiration from boulevards does full justice to the weight of the word. Boulevards are made of much more than just stone, sand, gravel, and asphalt. At their essence, they are a culmination of a million journeys – so many individual steps, tires, waste, and grime – and yet they are enduring, through rain and snow and heat, and majestic in their ability to withstand all that humans and nature may throw at them. Just like the beautiful journey of real boulevards, BLVD.‘s music represents the beauty in grit through his heavy-hitting yet welcoming sound. BLVD. has just recently entered into the dance music industry and has already received support from influential artists such as Diplo & FriendsAlison WonderlandRL Grime4BNitti Gritti, and Ekali thanks to his unique and hard-hitting sounds. Just from the magnitude of excitement and joy brought from “Crowd Control” and now “Full Send” one can surely predict this is really only the beginning of something much bigger. Stay tuned for more music and news from BLVD. coming soon!

ake a listen to “Full Send” and join the BLVD. movement, one track at a time.

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