DJ Snake – Carte Blanche [Album]

For several years now we have seen DJ Snake at the very top of the music industry, thanks to his inimitable style and his unprecedented talent for releasing hits spectacular and performing breathtaking shows. His most recent Tomorrowland main stage set was no doubt one of his all-time best performances, as the track selection, energy and chemistry with the crowd was just perfect. This was probably due to it being in celebration of his sophomore album ‘Carte Blanche’ releasing.

‘Carte Blanche’ features 17 different songs and features some of the most talented and appreciated artists on the planet. Besides the unmatched quality DJ Snake has consistently delivered throughout the years, what is truly astonishing on this album is DJ Snake’s ability to switch up his production style from guaranteed chart-toppers like ‘Enzo‘, featuring Sheck Wes, Offset, 21 Savage and Gucci Mane, or ‘Taki Taki’ with Selena Gomez, Cardi B  and Ozuna. To completely different genres like ‘No More’ with Zhu or ‘Made In France’ with Mercer, Tchami and Malaa.

One of the stand out tunes from the album is no doubt his song ‘Fuego’ which features the legendary Sean PaulAnitta and Tainy. ‘Fuego’ is the perfect summer tune, driven by a wonderfully catchy vocal hook and infectious instrumental track to accompany it. ‘Carte Blanche’ is easily one of the most exciting things to release so far this year, so be sure to listen to every single track it features and appreciate the variety DJ Snake is able to bring to his sophomore album.

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