Don Diablo to unveil mystery remix tomorrow

Indicating new music on social media, Don Diablo is set to treat us to a brand new remix this coming Friday. It’s not often you see a DJ/Producer hide the name of a remix and the artist/s of whom they are remixing all the way up to the release date. It appears that this week Don Diablo has done exactly that, announcing a forthcoming remix without mention of the original track or its features.

Looking back at of some the 39-year-olds previous remixes, fans have begun to speculate at the various possibilities. The Dutchman is most likely to try his hand at revamping another pop hit, as he has done so brilliantly with his recent versions of Ellie Goulding’s “Sixteen”, Bastille’s “Good Grief” and Pan!c At The Disco’s “High Hopes”

The surprise remix is not the only thing for fans to get excited about. Shortly after releasing the 4-track “Generation Hex 010” compilation EP back in April, he wasted no time in announcing a new album “Forever” in June. Even better, he will take the album on his new world tour of the same name later this year.

As we wait frantically for “Forever”, at least we can enjoy, tomorrow, what is sure to be a dazzling new remix!



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