Fisher’s tech house stomper ‘Losing It’ turns 1 year old

2 years back nobody would have ever thought that 2018’s biggest hit would be by a newcomer. Australian DJ and Producer Fisher clearly turned out to be one of the biggest upcoming acts in the dance music industry and gave this world the biggest hit of 2018. Falling apart from his previous alias Cut Snake Fisher went solo and started releasing his tracks back in 2017. However, 2018 turned out to be his breakthrough year and made him famous worldwide. It was on July 13th last year Fisher unveiled his tech-house stomper ‘ Losing It ’. The track soon enough got viral worldwide and it was hard to find a club or a festival not playing this track and it still is!

The former pro-surfer turned house maestro, Fisher now has the support of the biggest industry heavyweights thanks to Losing it and his ability to deliver numerous eclectic mixes that display his relentless and irresistible energy behind the decks. Losing It also marks the first release on Fisher’s own label. Losing It absolutely stormed the dance music industry worldwide and grabbed an ARIA Gold Certification and a Grammy Nomination as well. After a tremendous 2018, Fisher released his single “You Little Beauty” yet another tech-house banger featuring an infectious vocal sample of late disco singer Loleatta Holloway.  Check out Fisher playing Losing it live at Coachella below.


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