Gil Glaze & Emily Middlemas – Me & Her & You

One of the rising gems honed in the clubs of Zurich, Swiss DJ and producer Gil Glaze has been the center of attention for all the buzz that is stemming out of the region’s dance music industry. With remixes for Robin Schulz and Salvatore Ganacci, feature on The Chainsmoker‘s ‘Nice Hair’ podcast and support from none other than Tiesto on a work of his, it is not out of place to argue that Gil Glaze is on the sure shot path to success. Now that the Get Glazed radio show is well established and his latest remix for Martin Jensen & James Arthur‘s ‘Nobody‘ is picking up steam, it is probably timely that we return to the thumping single he released with Scottish singer and songwriter Emily Middlemas just over a month ago.

Titled ‘Me & Her & You’, this stunning collaboration marks the first 2019 release for the Scottish singer Emily Middlemas. On the other hand, this is the third single released by Gil Glaze in the year as it follows the success of ‘Young Forever‘ featuring Annabel Turner and ‘How We Do‘. Build around Middlemas’ serenading vocals, the track kicks off with crafty snaps and beat-work with a swirling melody that guides it in the backdrop. As her vocal shift gets increasingly playful and builds – with assistance from the exhilarating buildup – towards a ‘drop’, the Swiss producer delivers a somber yet infectious bass-ridden drop. Assured to be one of those tracks one may hear on the famed radio waves, this team effort from Gil Glaze and Emily Middlemas is as good as it gets for the daily listener.

Gil also began 2019 by signing with Sony Switzerland so expect more dance pop tracks coming from the talented producer very soon.

You can check out Gil Glaze and Emily Middlemas’ latest release on Spotify here.

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