JsapDaMusikNerd – SummaWav

JsapDaMusikNerd is a young DJ and producer, based in Kansas City, KS. He just dropped a fresh release and it’s different from everything you’ve heard so far. ‘SummaWav’ is a track that combines various genres, the artist describes it as “Futuristic Dance Pop”. 

J Sap grew up listening to everything from hip-hop, pop, rap to electronic and his production is still highly influenced by a mixture of these styles. He started pursuing his DJing career already as a teenager, he fell in love with the thrill of seeing the crowd’s reaction when playing certain records. If you were wondering where the name JsapDaMusikNerd came from, this is how the artist explained it:

“I was given the name J Sap by one of my cousins years ago and the name stuck with me. Combine that with being classified as a nerd because of my tech background and I sort of fused the two together.”

The young talent is also a member of AWAL Recordings, and has had his music placed in the top 40 charts on repostexchnage. At the moment, he is working really hard on his ‘I KANDI’ project, which will be his debut album as an EDM artist. Another thing besides his many music styles that really shows how versatile J Sap is, is the clothing line that he’s evolving, but music is stating his main priority, he says. He is a big fan of Kaskade as well as Tritonal and uses these modern EDM artists as influences in his work. 

‘SummaWav’ is a crossover summer track, that combines elements that can be found in electronic, pop and hip-hop songs. It has a groovy beat, that makes you want to dance, and soft, catchy vocals to sing along. Melodic synths, a slow buildup and a drop that shows a clear influence of hip-hop and trap, make the track even more special and unique.

J Sap has been keeping himself very busy with all of the releases on the way, as well as his upcoming clothing line, so we can say for sure that JsapDaMusikNerd is a name we will hear a lot about in the future.

Make sure to check him out on SoundCloud and give ‘SummaWav’ a listen below:


23 year old Slovenian currently living in Amsterdam. Pursuing my dreams of working behind the scenes of music industry by studying International Music Management.

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