WATCH: Kölsch brings melodic techno to Tomorrowland main stage

A lot of people think that the brute genres of electronic music, like techno, can not be as melodic and elegant as many other genres, but the Danish DJ and producer Kölsch is here to prove otherwise. With a unique sound, the Dane manages to move between the most powerful techno grooves, to beautiful and incredible melodies, always maintaining a perfect balance between the elements, which he is showcasing LIVE now on the Tomorrowland main stage!

A music producer since 1995, Rune Reilly Kölsch is a true genius. Known by many names, such as Rune RK, ENUR, Artificial Funk, Ink, Needle or simply Kölsch, he is the creative mind behind great tracks, including the gigantic hit ‘Calabria‘, released in 2003, and which has received countless versions such as of Alex Galdino’s ‘Destination Calabria‘, one of the best known.

With an extensive discography, Kölsch adapted the style he loves, techno, to something more melodic, but without leaving the groove aside, and it was in 2016 that he released one of those that would be one of his biggest tracks ‘Grey‘. The Dane is one of main stage’s guests on the last day of the first weekend of Tomorrowland, taking all your elegance and experience to the festival and you can watch the set on the official website.

Watch LIVE as Kölsch brings melodic house, techno, and an array of sounds to the Tomorrowland main stage right here, right now!