Luxsynth – Beyond the Horizon

Returning to the charts after a little over six months, California born and bred producer LUXSYNTH is back to showcase what he had been churning in the store in that time. With the sturdy footing of two stellar releases – ‘Escapism‘ and ‘Nostalgia‘ – the extremely talented producer is back to the show with a more fine pruned arsenal in his latest offering. While there is little to no dearth of rising American producers in this ever engaging industry, LUXSYNTH’s involvement in the scene is of great importance due to, in the first place, the values that he embodies in so far he wants to be the ‘guiding light’ to those who wish to follow their dreams as well as showcasing, in the second place, that it is never too late to get your hands on deck and craft a sumptuous and pitch-perfect deep house tantalizer.

Titled ‘Beyond the Horizon’, LUXSYNTH’s latest work departs from the playfulness of his previous track ‘Escapism’ and is build toward being a well-structured and rhythmic melodic production that is founded on a well-knitted web of beats, claps and snares – the usual with the American’s own peculiar musical twists-n-twirls. This web of beat-work, which is itself pushed to its mellifluous limits by the synth punches and cheeky pitch-plays, is what guides the listener throughout the course of the track and is adept in getting any festival goer shuffling from side to side. Assured to be charted as one of his better releases, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ marks yet another step in LUXSYNTH’s climb toward proving his mettle in the industry, as he nevertheless establishes his own special sound.

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