Madeon new single to be released next week

Good news for the fans of French rising star producer Madeon, who has just announced the release of a new single next week. The artist has been working over the last to years on his upcoming project ‘Good Faith’, bringing both an album and a world tour.

Hugo Leclercq‘s long-awaited return has been received with extreme happiness within his fans, since the Frenchman dropped another new track by the name ‘All My Friends‘ in early June.


In an interview with Billboard the artist talks in-depth about the album, as well as the creation of the tour:

“That took time, to figure out my sound set, different ways to produce that yielded different results. It feels coherent, because its still me, but the way I made it was very different. I recorded a lot of live instruments and live drums, live choirs – things like that.”

“It’s me alone onstage. There’s no live band or anything, but there’s a really, particularly art-directed live show; a complicated and intense logistical thing I’m very proud to have come together. it’s an idea I’ve had and been obsessed with for years. I’ve built a maquette – Is that a word in English?”

We can’t wait for next week to hear the artist new track. On the meantime, you can listen to ‘All my friends’ while checking flights to London, Amsterdam, Paris or L.A. to see Madeon during his upcoming ‘Good Faith’ tour.





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