Martin Garrix surprises Main Square Festival Crowd with special Macklemore appearance

Earlier this year, Martin Garrix collaborated with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Macklemore to produce their fresh track ‘Summer Days’. The track was officially released back in April, allowing for fans to fully grasp all of its lyrics before these warm summer months finally approached. With Garrix featuring its lively tune during his most recent live sets, “Summer Days” has surely gained the tremendous amount of worldwide recognition it deserves.

After facing an unfortunate stage accident a few weeks back and having to cancel several shows, Martin Garrix is back on the road and in full recovery mode. He recently performed at Main Square Festival in France this weekend, where he brought a surprise special guest out to play during his already striking set. For the first time, Macklemore proudly joined Garrix up on stage during his grand appearance to perform their newest single together live. From the moment Macklemore came out, the crowd went absolutely insane.

Main Square Festival attendees did not know what to expect from Garrix’s set, but let’s just say that everyone was left speechless by the end of it. On top of this special performance incorporating Garrix’s breathtaking ANIMA production, Macklemore’s part caught the crowd completely off guard and made it that much more memorable. It’s about time two out of the three masterminds behind “Summer Days” shared their talents on stage together, and its everything the festival world needed this summer.

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