Martin Garrix teams up with JRM for “These Are The Times” Video

When it comes to EDM producers who have a supreme talent for sticking to their roots while simultaneously managing to capture mainstream appeal, you can’t go wrong with Dutch superstar Martin Garrix. His latest track is a prime example of this rare skill, as he teams up with equally adept vocalist JRM for the feel-good sound of ‘These Are The Times’. The track has been noted as having great similarity to the style of the late Avicii, who was also known for his ability to craft emotive melodies and lyrics.

It’s a little more floaty and light than a lot of Garrix’s back-catalogue, but you can’t deny that it’s a solidly written track that has the potential to achieve mainstream success. Garrix is a more than familiar name for non-EDM fans, and while ‘These Are The Times’ certainly appeals to that crowd rather than the hardcore dance music fan, it’s still full of the style that Martin became famous for – a solid hook, driving energy, and flawless production value. JRM’s vocal provides a powerful gloss-finish and lends the track an understated anthemic feel – it isn’t quite prime-time mainstage sing-a-long territory, but it’ll certainly have you humming along when it pops up on your Spotify.

The video matches the track nicely, with summery vibes, happy people, and even a cameo from Martin himself. The couple tied together by an extremely long headphone cable as they make their way around a city landscape is also a nod to a wealth of classic dance music videos – it doesn’t really make much sense and probably violates all sorts of health and safety laws, but it’s quirky, interesting, and it looks damn cool. Check the best of Martin here.

Check the video out in full below, or even grab your copy of the full track here.