Nervz – Still Alive

Polish producer Nervz has just released ‘Still Alive’. Being only 20 years old, he is fully dedicated to music, striving for quality and sharing excitement & happiness through his work.

‘Still Alive’ was the first song Nervz he made after a heartbreak. It was the moment of thunder in his soul and every fraction of this single is the fruit of fight with reality. Producing it helped him forget for a moment, and he hopes to help other people to feel good and find a distraction.

In this track, Nervz begins instantly with emotional opening chords. A beautiful guitar plucks open up into an equally pleasing and tonally perfect young lady’s vocal. Interestingly, the opening sequence feels very familiar and nostalgic and when the lyrics hit, she fittingly sings about past experiences, of days gone by, and the nostalgia felt in the music sits well and makes perfect sense. Warm, inviting and summery vibes come together in a beautiful climax filled with all the feelings set out by the intro.

This track is perfect to travel with you to your festival summer destination! Make sure you listen to it below.

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30 year old Catalan from Barcelona, living in The Netherlands. After 10 years working in the hospitality industry, I decided to do a career switch and I'm currently studying a bachelor in International Music Management. My main interests in life are music, yoga, spirituality, foreign languages, and vegan food!

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