Skrillex teases new drum’n’bass track on Instagram Story

After a long gap from music, Skrillex has absolutely stormed back into the electronic music industry. Recently having released the latest Dog Blood EP and his collaboration with TroyBoi, he is back yet once again with new music. Skrillex’s Instagram following is now at more than 8.7 million and the iconic producer always does his best to give his fanbase a glimpse of what he has been working on.

A 15-second story uploaded on Skrillex Instagram became a point of discussion across the industry as soon as it was published. The story featured a forest fire video on his television screen with a DnB track being played in the background.  Soon enough the story became viral and fans started sharing it across Reddit, Facebook & Instagram. A whole new spectrum of thoughts and discussion started to surface on social media. Some believed it as a collaboration with the Dubstep maestro Virtual Riot and some thought it might be an edit for Getter’s single “All is Lost“.

Over the past few years, Skrillex’s music and live sets have evolved to a great extent. He has dived into various genres and not just limiting himself to dubstep. Be it pop, rock, future bass, dubstep or drum N bass Skrillex has all bases covered. Sneak into the Reddit discussion about Skrillex’s Instagram story below.

New Skrillex DnB on Instagram Story from skrillex

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