Skrillex looks set to release 2 track EP

Skrillex superfans have uncovered what looks to be a surprise 2-track EP that is set to release July 19th after an apparent leak revealed in a social media post. This supposed leak comes as the 31-year-old dubstep prodigy has only just released “Way To Break Your Heart” with English singer/songwriter and pop sensation Ed Sheeran.

The post, by BASSLAND, suggests there are to be two releases, “Mumbai Power” featuring Beam and “Fuji Opener” in collaboration with fellow American DJ and producer Alvin Risk. The upcoming Skrillex EP seems highly likely, with recent statements from Sonny (Skrillex’s real name) himself, describing his intentions to “pump out” new music in the near future. What’s even more promising, is that we have also noticed a handful of ID’s in his recent DJ sets, and for all we know, we might have already heard the contents of this rumoured EP.

Since the original twitter “leak”, Skrillex’s record label OWSLA has released an unusual post, in which we can see an Ableton session with the project files for both “Mumbai Power” and “Fuji Opener” appearing in the top right-hand corner. What’s also interesting about that same corner of the post is the time, indicating a release could be coming this Friday at 12 or another Friday in the near future.

With all these posts pointing in the same direction, we recommend keeping an eye on his social media if you want to hear it as soon as it drops!

 Make sure to keep an eye on social media if you want to catch 

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