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Steve Angello says Swedish House Mafia were never booked for Tomorrowland 2019

Many people were expecting Tomorrowland’s surprise closing set for weekend 2 to be Swedish House Mafia, and were confused to see the recent announcement that 3 Are Legend will be returning on stage for the second consecutive weekend to close the festival this year.

Fans online have been speculating and trying to understand what has happened due to a lack of an official statement and the recent cancellations, with many different theories emerging throughout the week. Recently, an Instagram DM conversation between a fan and Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello has been posted, where the DJ and producer explains his side of the story. Reddit user alexandermclc provides a translation into English. Despite the translation not being perfect, it is clear that Steve Angello

“All we have been busy those dates over 7-8 months and has never said to anyone that we are going to perform there- We wasn’t even invited to perform there”

“I don’t get why people are disappointed”

“I’m sorry that it went that way. Not sure why they did that. They probably sell a lot tickets do to that. Sorry to hear all that looked forward to it. Thanks for the love and sorry for the misunderstanding.”

You can check the original DM conversation and the Reddit translation via the image below.

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