Steve Angello shuts down fan in Instagram rant

Following the cancellation of multiple shows, Swedish House Mafia fans have grown evidently frustrated with the supergroup. After pulling out of their Ultra Korea show, the scrutiny surrounding SHM hasn’t gone down too quickly. In fact, it’s somewhat risen, with one fan taking to Instagram to call out the group’s lack of new releases before Steve Angello quickly came to his comrades’ defence.

Addressing the fan’s frustration with the group, Steve Angello gave the Instagram user a thorough response, citing hard work and extreme perfection as reasons behind their latest work & justifying SHM’s recent cancellations:

“… If you are a money grabber you put out music to feed the masses so you can make a quick buck – where we are selective with the shows we play, we take out time with the music we make so we express what we feel while we enjoy this time in our lives”

Amidst the public’s negative critique, Steve Angello has remained strong throughout the year, with the aforementioned comment not being the first time Angello has clapped back. Following the cancellation rumours’ early beginnings last month, Steve quickly took to Instagram to diminish the negativity generated throughout the media, addressing the excessive “fake news” being spread.

Check out the full exchange below.

Steve Angello

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