The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Moudy Afifi Remix)

Egyptian musical entrepreneur Moudy Afifi has done it again with a brand new track remix perfect for this time of year. This time around, Moudy has released a phenomenal re-work of The Temper Trap‘s all-time classic, “Sweet Disposition”. His remix entails a more serene, deep-house sound than the original track, but somehow blends in with its original essence quite harmoniously. Moudy’s eclectic tweak adds a flawless melodic touch to the highly-recognized track, making it the perfect track for anyone to vibe out to all summer long.

Originally en route to becoming a chemical engineer, Moudy Afifi completely switched things up and decided to pursue a professional career in music. Over the past three years, he’s been dedicating every waking moment to perfecting his production and songwriting skills, all while trying to build a worldwide steady fan base. As someone who just recently began his music career venture, he’s surely on the right track.

Earlier this year, Moudy released a few other remixes such as his take on Karmon and Marvin Gaye’s ‘Turning Through The Grapevines’ and Eman The Sea’s ‘Mahsobko Endas’. His original progressive-house heavy track ‘I Don’t Mind’ was also quite a success a few months back, and luckily he’s blessed us once again with this stupendous down-tempo remix of ‘Sweet Disposition’

24 year old electronic dance music lover based in NYC following her dreams.

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