The secrets that Tomorrowland usually hide

Tomorrowland is the festival on everybody’s mind in the industry right now. Gearing up to kick off another two weekends of craziness once again, 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of the festival and a huge milestone for the TML team. One thing TML has perfected over the years is the unique design of the festival, proving that there is more than just world class DJs to see at the festival, but did you know that there are many hidden secrets that aren’t common knowledge sprinkled around the festival grounds? To celebrate the 15th anniversary, we decided to list some of these lesser known secrets.

The secret wire tunnel

tomorrowland wire tunnel

One of the most clever things that TML has crafted is the tunnel built especially for the large amount of wires needed to put on spectacular light shows and keep the visual screens working at all times. The bunker is 100 foot long and is only accessible to those that work behind the scenes, making sure the beautiful festival grounds aren’t spoiled by visible wires and aren’t made available for the festival-goers to trip over them.

Secret mainstage restaurant 



Yes, that’s right. A hidden restaurant situated inside the mainstage! Although there are multiple restaurants dotted around the site that are available for everyone with the purchase of a voucher, this one isn’t one that just anyone can go to. Tucked away on the left side of the mainstage, this is a place that is sadly invite-only and can set you back around €15,000 (although apparently the price has gone up to €22,000) for a group of 12 people at a time. Expensive it may be, but the money goes to charity and the food is cooked by a group of Michelin star chefs. Each year they host an ambassador meal for 10 people from 10 different countries which TML hand-pick and invite via email, so cross your fingers if you’re hoping to be lucky enough to go, but don’t let them see you with your phone as you aren’t allowed to take pictures (but some people have still sneaked some in)!

An actual library 

tml library

Located in the flea market, there once was an actual library within the festival! Something that would’ve been totally appropriate for this years returning theme, The Book of Wisdom, there was many books to choose from to relax and unwind with.

Church of Love

tml church of love

Because TML cares about everyone’s needs, there had been a ‘Church of Love’ guarded by two nuns, which we’re sure you could figure out what it’s used for! Found out by information given by people who have dared to venture inside, once inside you can find a bed, condoms and cleanup tissues and are given 10 to 15 minutes for activities. The best part? It was free!

Secret ‘toilet’ stage 

This ‘stage’ is so small, blink and you’ll miss it as you walk past. Located next to one of the toilet sections in the TML festival grounds, this stage really isn’t a stage, more like a cart with decks on it. Although it isn’t occupied most times and doesn’t have a set lineup, you may be lucky enough to be there as a DJ decides to hop on the decks just like Afrojack did in 2017!

Tomorrowland mansions

TML mansion

A lot of people know about the mansion packages as it is listed on the website, but did you know the price and everything it includes? To book one of the mansions hidden within the countryside (right next to TML) you have to email a specific address and the cost could set you back at least €45,000 – which increases every year – for a group of 12 and that doesn’t include festival tickets or any other extras needed for the duration of TML. Features include butler service, pools/jacuzzi’s, A/C, food and champagne and even a DJ playing in a tent from midnight until 3 AM so that guests across all mansions could meet and get to know each other.

Tattoo shop

TML tattoo shop

Want to make your love for TML permanent? Well you can do that at the festival! Something that has been a feature for multiple years is the official tattoo shop usually located near the entrance of the festival at the top of the mainstage area. There are pre-drawn designs to choose from and the prices are as follows: 47 pearls for an extra small design, 62.50 pearls for a small design, 93.75 for a medium design and 125 pearls for a large design although that could change for 2019’s edition. If you’re looking for a spot over the weekend, get down early on Friday as the doors open because it fills up extremely fast!

More small facts

TML usually has glorious weather but sometimes can fall victim to rain showers. If this happens, bars will give out ponchos for free if the supply is high enough. Another thing that Dreamville campers will know but those staying outside of Dreamville may not know is the gym, hair salon and makeup, supermarket, laundry and bakery facilities available to use by everyone during their stay. Love him or hate him, David Guetta has earned massive TML respect by being the only artist to play at every single edition of the festival, so if you’re looking to catch a set of his TML is the place!


All the facts and secrets above have proved that TML isn’t just about the music, it is a world available to fully immerse into and we can’t wait to see what the festival pulls out of the bag for the massive 15th edition!

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