WATCH: Nina Kraviz closes the L’Orangerie stage at Tomorrowland

Electronic music is certainly one of the most democratic and diverse styles out there. No matter the colour, age, nationality, gender or even sexual orientation of an artist, if you have talent, it deserves attention. And proof of it is the presence of great women taking over the stage, especially in techno, which has gained an insurmountable following as of late and Nina Kraviz has a lot to do with that.

The Russian DJ and Producer deceive those who think that women need to be delicate on stage. Beginning her career in 2008 in Moscow, she owns a strong and impressive discotheque, with great influences of Detroit techno, more industrial and acid house, arriving at more psychedelic beats, that even merge with the psytrance. These genres that have been made present more and more in Nina’s sets and has gained great prominence in social media, with videos of her last shows at Awakenings and Kappa FuturFestival.

Head of the label трип (Trip), Nina leads the L’Orangerie stage this Saturday, July 20, and will do the closing honours, taking all her talent, experience and power to Tomorrowland, once again proving that her place amongst the stars is well and truly solid! Be sure to catch Nina Kraviz live here!