Vini Vici

WATCH: Vini Vici and the power of psytrance at Tomorrowland

Years ago, when genres like big room dominated the main stages of festivals around the world, no one would believe that a duo would revolutionize and insert more psychedelic sounds into more commercial sounds. Composed of members of the traditional psytrance trio Sesto Sento, Vini Vici became a sensation and invaded spaces hitherto dominated by the new EDM sounds.

Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh are the names behind the project that has won the world. Blessed by none other than Armin van Buuren, one of the greatest exponents of European trance around the world, Vini Vici brought a freshness to a scenario that was heading for sameness and introduced elements that were considered more alternative. Faster BPMs, psychedelic synthesizers, organic sounds, and mantra-like vocal sounds are all part of his hit discography.

Great Spirit‘, ‘The Tribe‘, ‘Chakra‘, ‘Adhana‘ and more recently ‘Untz Untz‘, are some of the tracks that are part of the duo’s tracklist and of other great DJs. Their collabs include long-time friends such as Astrix to more unusual collaborations, including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Vini Vici have shown that mixing genres and creating new sounds is the perfect formula for success and they will show it on the main stage of Tomorrowland and you can watch on the official website.