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Above & Beyond collaboration

Above & Beyond take over BBC Radio 1’s Chill Mix

Having more than one member in an artist group can often open up so many other doors and pathways musically. Combining influences, genres, and preferences can create a new level of inspiration, and contribute to the compilation of great things. Above & Beyond share that dynamic effortlessless, with Jono, Tony, and Paavo all bringing something completely different to the group. The latter of the three – Paavo Siljamäki – is known for his deeper sets when the trio play separately, and more recently the dominance of the Above & Beyond Yoga Set amongst headlines surround their Group Therapy shows. Following the release of their Flow State album, a 49-minute long neo-classical soundscape, Paavo has taken to BBC Radio 1 and sat in on Phil Taggart’s ‘Chillest Show’ to deliver an empowering Chill Mix.

Starting just after the hour mark, Paavo’s short interview with Phil preceeds 30 minutes of music tailored expertly for meditation and mindfulness. Tracks from Jon Hopkins and Peter Gabriel blend effortlessly with the selections from Flow State. Kicking off with ‘Believer‘, the mixing from then on becomes seamless, and almost too good to even notice. Featuring old favourite ‘Sun In Your Eyes‘ from Above & Beyond’s 2011 album Group Therapy, re-released as part of Flow State, and ‘Small Moments‘ taken from their 2013 Anjunabeats compilation Volume 10 also feature, before Phil follows the mix with a new release from the Anjunadeep catalogue in the form of Martin Roth’s ‘Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk‘. This neo-classical journey through sounds from deep within bring out so much positivity, and provide a breath of fresh air both into your life and to the music industry. Seeing artists from heavier hitting genres such as trance – as Above & Beyond play – occasionally move away from their natural home and venture into something completely different can open up a whole new side of music, and this exploration into other genres is something that people may often be afraid to do, but will certainly gain from, particularly DJs and producers.

If you have 30 minutes free, need to relax on the way home from work, or simply want to meditate or take part in yoga, use Paavo’s Above & Beyond Chill Mix for Phil Taggart’s BBC Radio 1’s Chillest Show by clicking the link right here!

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