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Ahmed Romel

Ahmed Romel – RÜYA

Ahmed Romel keeps generating support from around the globe, and 2019 looks like his best year so far. After being voted  #3 on TrancePodium’s Top 100 DJs, right after iconic duo Aly & Fila and Armin van Buuren, the Jordanian has just released his debut album ‘RÜYA‘ on FSOE recordings. The album is a magical journey, from the softly melodic intro and the inspiring vocals to the mighty uplifting tunes that rapture you one after the other.

“A story has been written, each track tells a story, about you, about me. It brings the future to our past, it brings a Rüya (vision) to our future.” – Ahmed Romel

Based in Dubai, he’s been building a strong career working in the industry, having released more than 40 tracks and remixes over the last 6 years. Many of his releases have found a home on FSOE Recordings, but he’s worked with a wide variety of artists and labels over the course of his career. Regularly performing at festivals like Tomorrowland and Luminosity, as well as clubs around the world, the artist keeps gaining exposure and accumulating one success after another.  Ahmed Romel’s unique sound is characterized by a blend of mesmerizing uplifting melodies, Arabic instruments like the Kamanga violin, or the Egyptian Nay, all combined with progressive, deep house or techno elements. Thanks to his deeply emotional music, the artist has created a very loyal supportive fan base that keeps growing every day. ‘RÜYA’ has been in the works for 2 years,  with almost 30 tracks completed for it, and only the best 16 selected for the final cut.

“It’s been a magical journey of music and I’m really proud of the outcome. It has a big variety of styles including deep house, uplifting trance and even post-rock!”

“Ahmed Romel’s sound is a very contemporary mix of acoustic music and trance, he likes to combine different ethnic instruments like flutes and strings, and that makes this his signature sound. A mix of different sound styles and music genres, more slow progressive techno style, as well as trance for the melodies, which really works in the end. I had the chance to do the mastering of the whole album. It was a very positive experience since Ahmed gave me a blank page on how to address it, and I chose to master the album on the tape, which is a very old school way of doing it but the sound is superior than anything you can achieve on digital, and you can hear that in the end quality sound of RÜYA.” – Driftmoon

The album takes the listener on a journey of unadulterated music bliss. A gorgeous mix of organic and digital textures are spread over every single track – each one more effortlessly energetic than the last. The intro track ‘Be My Eyes’ with its dreamy vibe sets the mood of the album, including the live recorded sound of an Egyptian Nay, the track almost transports you to the exquisite world of the Jordanian Wadi Rum desert, thanks to its unique beats and stunning timbres throughout. Potent vigor runs deep within tracks such as ‘Vanya’ which is dedicated to a woman who sacrificed her life battling for the happiness of others, and affected the artist life in a very positive way. ‘Ars Vitae‘, alongside Driftmoon, is undoubtfully the most emotional, energetic and euphoric track of the album. The sheer beauty of the melody even bringing tears to some of the crowd that listens to it.

“When Ahmed sent me the first draft, we realized that it needed changes to make the melody stand out even more. From that, I built around it to create the emotional sounds that combined with the melody characterize the track. I think it’s one of the best tracks we both ever worked on, because it’s so simple, but the sound choices are spot on, and every time I play it around the world on my gigs it always works.”  Driftmoon

‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ features the demure yet striking vocal line from Roxanne Emery. Featuring the famed trance vocalist Jennifer Rene, ‘Silver Lining’ is the perfect dancefloor track with its inspiring lyrics and strong melody.  ‘The Eternal Peace’ is one of the most complex tracks of the album in terms of production, with a huge number of layers, also including life guitar riffs recorded from Ahmed Romel’s brother Mohammed, making it a track with a special meaning. ‘Anjara’ is techno hypnotic track infused with oriental theme melody and vocal, making happy the fans of more techy sounds. ‘Reverie’  has become one of the most commented on and appreciated tracks, as an emotional uplifting masterpiece that tells the story of daydreaming and trying to escape reality. ‘Sea of sounds’, released last year and included in the album, is inspired by the artists visit to the Pyramids of Cairo, which inspired him to produce a track that would capture the incredible culture’s atmosphere, combining it with euphoric melodies.

‘RÜYA’ album tourdates can’t be disclosed yet but, deals are now being closed for South America, USA, and Asia. Confirmed cities will be announced very soon, so Make sure you follow Ahmed Romel to be updated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.


30 year old Catalan from Barcelona, living in The Netherlands. After 10 years working in the hospitality industry, I decided to do a career switch and I'm currently studying a bachelor in International Music Management. My main interests in life are music, yoga, spirituality, foreign languages, and vegan food!

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