Axwell & Shapov’s banger ‘Belong’ turns three years old

Much like the other members of Swedish House MafiaAxwell has had a massively successful solo career before and after forming with the other Swedes. Known as one of the pioneers for progressive house and someone who truly pushed the boundaries of the genre forward, Axwell has had hit after hit but today we turn our attention to the track ‘Belong’ as it celebrates another birthday.

Teaming up with Russian whirlwind ShapovBelong (Original Mix)‘ and ‘Belong (Axwell & Years Extended Remode)’ are a timeless pairing. Released on Axwell imprint Axtone, it was a true milestone for the record label and something that drove it forward even further. At the time before release, fans eagerly waited well over a year for the mesmerizing track to officially drop and Shapov coming out on stage at an Axwell/\Ingrosso show a year before the release date to play the track solidified the hype and excitement at the time. It was evident that this was to become one of Axtone’s most talked about releases and still holds that title to this day.

As the original mix of the track dropped it wasn’t long until Axwell sent everyone into a frenzy with his Years Remode, showing fans a new side to the track that had already been ingrained into their brains. With both versions becoming staples in many other DJ sets across the world, this was to become one of the biggest stand-out hits from the dance music scene of 2016.

Accompanying the two original tracks was a remix package, released in the same year, featuring remixes from Nomis, HUSP, D.O.D and Aguelando which directed even more attention to the track by showcasing different perspectives of ‘Belong’ by other artists.

Stream ‘Belong’ below and tell us your memories with this special prog house track in the comments!

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